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Property Assessor


Joy Hooper, Assessor of Property

The Property Assessor is responsible for the evaluation of all real property, the mapping of the county, valuation of all business personal property and maintaining ownership records. The property assessor prepares the tax rolls for the trustee and all the municipalities.

The assessor determines the value of all property in the county, whether real, personal or mixed, including mineral rights, leaseholds, and all other property except property of public utilities valued by the State. The Assessor maintains the property tax, maps of the county, and keeps current indexes of taxpayers; including a description of the property on the tax, and books sufficient to identify it. The Assessor also reports assessments to the local and state boards of equalization. Taxpayers who feel that the assessor has placed an unfair value on their property may appeal to the local board of equalization and then to the State Board of Equalization.

The Property Assessor is elected, at large, for a four-year term. The present Assessor is Joy Hooper, who has served Houston County since September 1, 2012.


Renae Roby, Office manager

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The property assessor’s office is located on the main level of Houston County Courthouse.

4725 E. Main Street
Suite 105
Erin, TN 37061

Ph: (931) 289-3929
Fax: (931) 289-3926

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