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General Sessions & Juvenile Court


Houston County Youth Service Officer, Lori Tefft

4725 East Main St.
PO Box 332
Erin, TN 37061

Phone: (931) 289-3567
Fax: (931) 289-1945


Contact Child Protective Services: 1-877-237-0004 To report possible child abuse
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Mission Statement

The Mission of Youth Service Officer is to provide safe and secure custody, treatment and rehabilitation for children and families by efficient management of a juvenile justice system that recognizes the needs, rights, and responsibilities of children, families, victims and the community without regard for race, color or national origin.


  • Assessments
  • Informal Adjustments
  • Pre-Trial Diversions
  • Judicial Diversions
  • Family Referrals
  • Juvenile Probation Services
  • Community Service Work
  • Traffic School
  • Foster Care Review Program



  • Encompass Recovery Center
  • Health Connect America
  • Mental Health Co-op
  • Centerstone
  • Bradford Health Services
  • Cumberland Hall
  • Youth Villages


Prime for Life
This class satisfies the requirement of the Drug Free Youth Act and is offered to juveniles charged with drug or alcohol offenses. Each participant is required to complete a drug and alcohol assessment. Peer pressure, health hazards, legal issues and assertiveness training are some of the topics discussed in the class. This is administrator by Mainstreet Interventions.

Drug Testing
The Youth Service staff and Probation staff offer drug testing to those juveniles that are ordered to be tested by the court. As a condition of court supervision, juveniles being supervised by the court must be drug screened each month or as directed by the court. Drug Testing provided by Juvenile Court is free.

Crisis Intervention
Parents and Children are encouraged to seek counseling through the Youth Service Office when a family is experiencing problems with their children at home; at school or if there is suspected involvement in chemical abuse or delinquent behavior. Many times families are referred to resources that will best fit the needs of the family.

Diversion Programs
First offenders who do not contest the allegations in a petition are offered to the opportunity with the court in the form of an informal adjustment. A youth service officer will monitor the juvenile for thirty(30) to ninety (90) days to ensure that all conditions in the court order have been met.


Youth Services Officer Is also the Probation Officer

The youth service officer advise judges on the availability of programs used by the court; screen petitions and complaints; advise law enforcement on the availability of detention placements; initiate all court orders issued by the judges; The probation officer insures that juveniles who have been through the adjudicatory process obey the court orders issued by the judges. Monitoring curfews, complete drug screens, facilitate family meetings, complete assessments, make referrals to proper services, public service work, and monitoring school attendance while counseling those on their caseload are some of the duties of the probation officer.


Special Boards

  • Foster Care Review Board
  • Child Protective Investigative Team



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